Text Box: Little Handfuls Mini Bears

Needle Felted Mini Bears and Friends

by Liza Adams

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These gorgeous little creations are made of quality wools from New Zealand and around the world, in wonderful colours and textures!  I strive to find wools which are special and usually opt for those dyed privately so that my bears and friends can be truly One-Of-A-Kind!
You can place an order for a Little Handful of your own, or visit the galleries to see who may be up for adoption at the moment!  My bears are fully jointed, firmly felted and usually under 4 inches tall.

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Contact Liza Adams at:  littlehandfuls@ihug.co.nz


Thank you for visiting.  I hope you will enjoy touring through my galleries and visiting my creations!  I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments on my work!

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